The Jean Shanks Foundation & Pathological Society (JSPS) Pre-Doctoral Research Bursary 2018

The Jean Shanks Foundation (JSF) and the Pathological Society jointly (JSPS) promote research in pathology to foster the development of early career clinical academic research pathologists. JSF and the Pathological Society have set up a joint funding scheme to support trainee Pathologists, who are Pathological Society members, applying for Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries.

JSPS Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries

The Joint Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries provide short term funding to allow trainee pathologists to get involved in pathological research projects early in their careers. The award provides funding support for up to £40,000 to cover salary and/or research expenses over a period of either 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. Applications for JSPS Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries will be considered from any area of the Pathological Society’s funding remit, including both non-cancer-related and cancer-related pathological research. Bursaries should allow the awardee to gain research experience and training together with a greater understanding of pathological research before undertaking a PhD or MD, and provide the awardee the time and resources to obtain preliminary data before applying for a PhD or MD.

Applications are considered on the basis of the applicant’s academic achievements to date, future potential, the scientific merit of the research proposal and the research environment. Normally, up to four JSPS Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries will be funded each year (2 awarded following the 1st April and 2 following the 1st October application deadlines).


All applicants should be clinically qualified and registered to practice medicine in the UK or Ireland. Applicants must be members of the Pathological Society (see for how to become a member) and a medical trainee in Histopathology (including histopathology, dental / oral pathology, paediatric and perinatal pathology, and diagnostic neuropathology). The applicant must not have completed, or be registered for, a PhD or MD and must not have already received fellowship funding to allow them to undertake research, with the exception of NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships or equivalent fellowships that provide salary support only for periods of research during clinical training. 

 JSPS Pre-Doctoral Research Bursaries cannot be used to fund the costs of research that will contribute to postgraduate research degrees, including Masters degrees. Applicants should not be registered for MD or PhD courses at the time of applying.

Research Support Available

The Pre-Doctoral Research Bursary is awarded for a period of up to 12 months, including periods of either 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. The bursary will provide the applicant’s salary and/or research expenses up to a total maximum value of £40,000. Increases due to inflation will be included.

The terms and conditions of the JSPS PDRB Scheme are as follows:

1. Applicants must be trainee members of the Society, based in Great Britain or Ireland, in a recognised Specialist Trainee 1-5 post in Histopathology.
2. Application forms including Part B (to be signed by Head of Department) must be completed or uploaded online no later than 1 April or 1 October.
3. Grants will normally last for up to (but not exceeding, unless part-time) 1 year and a one-page report on the progress of the research must be sent to the Deputy Administrator within three months of the completion of the award. Failure to provide a report will preclude future support in this and other schemes run by the Society.
4. The recipient of a PDRB award is not eligible to apply for a second bursary under this scheme.
5. If possible, the scientific and/or medical data derived from the work supported by the award should be presented at one of the Society’s meetings within 2–3 years of the award. Such data should also be published in primary peer-reviewed journals. Any publications or related presentations at meetings by the recipient emanating in part or whole from the Society’s support should be duly acknowledged and copies sent to the Society’s Deputy Administrator.
6. The Society will normally withdraw funding if the grant is not acknowledged and accepted within 6 months of the offer.
7. All recipients of JSPS funded schemes are required to attend a national JSPS research scheme progress review meeting and take part in appropriate public relations activities

Applications are reviewed by the Research Subcommittee including discussions with the Jean Shanks Foundation. Applicants will be advised of a decision as soon as practicable after the deadline dates.

Application forms can be completed on and / or uploaded to the Society’s website:

Please note: The Pathological Society is a registered charity which is not in a position to provide full economic costs or overheads with regard to any funds awarded.