Intercalated Grants - 1 year programme

For English Medical Schools the main conditions of the grant are -

1. The Host Institution must apply in writing to the Foundation by 28th February for a grant for September of that year.

2. Only non obligatory intercalated year students will be considered.

3. The project must be pathology based (eg histopathology, microbiology, haematology, chemical, virology, immunology or molecular pathology) and should involve a significant element of laboratory work.

4. Name, email and postal address of student to be supplied by 31st March.

5. Title and short outline of research project to be supplied by 31st March.

6. The Trustees must receive a letter of acknowledgement from the student by 31st December following the award of the grant.

7. The Jean Shanks Foundation should be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the dissertation.

8. We would ask that the recipient keeps the Foundation informed of any change of e-mail address. This is for future alumni events and is NOT for any marketing purposes.

9. If the above are not adhered to subsequent awards may be withheld

One grant only per University totalling £15,000 per annum. This is made up of 3 parts - £1,500 for lab consumables, £4,500 for living costs and up to £9,000 for fees.

For Scottish Medical schools

The conditions are the same but the grant is slightly different - £1,500 for lab consumables and £4,500 for living costs.

If the student does not have their fees paid for from elsewhere then the Foundation must be contacted before the student starts their intercalated year and additional funds may be available for the student's fees. Where possible the student selected should not be receiving funding from elsewhere,except for fees.